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Meeting September 15, 2015, at the National School of Architecture in Nantes, the jury selected :
  > De long en large
   > Bauchet & de la Bourvrie
   > Guérant Florian
   > mfa
   > MiMa
   > TICA
   > THE
   > 5W?

Support creative youngs

Place young professionals with promising talent under the critic of public and private building owners, the professionals  and sensitive public architecture, is the objectif of  Ardepa, ensa Nantes,
URCAUE and union sociale de l’habitat (USH) des Pays de la Loire.

The winners are selected by a jury of fourteen national and regional personalities.
Their first work, their approach and their courses are promoted through :

  • a catalog, lasting traces and contact tool released by the organizers, the winners and sold in bookstores ;
  •      a presentation exclusively for project owners, during which each winner is presented to future sponsors ;
  •      a website facilitating recognition of the work of the architect or the young agency ;
  •      Press publications resulting from the presence of journalists in the jury and communication activities of the three organizers and their partners ;
  •      an exhibition in the ensa Nantes Galerie Loire from February 15 to March 31, 2016 (simultaneously with that of AJAP 2014) and in Pays de la Loire great cities.


Conditions apply

Have graduated from a school of architecture or landscape, reside in the Loire Valley,
Be aged under 35
Have completed at least one project  or have participated in at least one competition (in or out of the region Pays de la Loire).

Form of records

The files will be size between A4 and A3 (15 pages and 35 mini max). They will include:

  •    synthetic presentation elements or the first (s) realization (s) of participation in or contests including participation in competitions international or national students,
  •    a CV with a list of references,
  •    a cover letter.


The Applications should be submitted before Tuesday, 1 September 2015 (date of postmark)
in ardepa office, 6 quai François Mitterrand - 44200 Nantes
or on line before 18pm. the same day.
Information: 02 40 59 04 59


Fourteen personalities representing all vectors of dissemination of architectural culture: State ofices, territorial governments, cultural centers, newspapers and websites dedicated ...

Benjamin Avignon, architect, Avignon&Clouet firm, advisor of Conseil Régional de l’Ordre des Architectes.
Alice Bialestowski, reporter Groupe Moniteur, curator exhibition AJAP 2014.
Boris Bouchet, architect, winner AJAP 2014 and Palmarès de jeunes urbanistes.
Vincent Bouvier, landscaper, teacher Agrocampus.
Fabienne Cornée, architect, town planner.
Loïc Daubas, architect, Belenfant & Daubas firm, président of Ardepa.
Jérôme-Olivier Delb, architect, reporter (blog «l’abeille et l’architecte»).
Benoît Desvaux, architect, manager CAUE 53, delegate URCAUE.
Nicole Garo, architect, Garo Boixel firm.
Hélène Leroy, architect consultant of Ministry of Culture (DRAC).
Gaëlle Pinier, landscaper,MAP firm, winner NAJA 2006.
Jean-Louis Violeau, sociologist, doctor and HDR en Architecture, teacher at ensa Malaquais (Paris)