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Six "Rendez-Vous [compte]"

Co-produced by the MRA (Pays de Loire Regional House of Architecture), the ensa-Nantes (Nantes National School of Architecture) and the Lieu Unique (part of "useful Labo") are an opportunity debates and exchanges between all professionals involved in the building process, students and, of course, lovers of architecture.

Under the title "Architecture deal with climate issues", the season 2015/2016 is dedicated to the climate, echoing the twenty-first Conference of Parties (COP21 ) also called "Paris 2015", to be held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015. The program of these conferences is the opportunity to question the new approaches architects, planners, engineers and designers, invent and deploy in response to climate revolution. Designers and experts, researchers and practitioners engaged in public life or great witnesses of the time, they think about new procedures, new products, new ways of doing things or new modes of use, first to answer the emergency, then to invent a sustainable future.


    Alain Lipietz : Green Deal for the City. RdV 51, October 6, 2015, 19h, ensa Nantes auditorium
    Duncan Lewis : What status for nature in architecture? RdV 52, November 10, 2015, 19h, ensa Nantes auditorium
    Carin Smuts, architect : Low cost housing. RdV 53, December 1, 2015, 19h, ensa Nantes auditorium
    Denis Mercier : Global warming and deglaciation. RdV 54, February 23, 2016, 19h, music room of the Lieu Unique
    Agnès Sinaï : Save the earth. RdV 55, March 22, 2016, 19h, music room of the Lieu Unique
    François Garde : A climatic architecture in the tropics. RdV 56, April 26, 2016, 19h, music room of the Lieu Unique


Alain Lipietz is Polytechnique, former chief engineer of the Highways, Doctor of Economics and Director of Research at the CNRS. He drafted a summary report for Unesco as part of the Earth Summit (Rio 1992). He was ten years member of the EU parliament where he adopted several reports on the global energy crisis.

Duncan Lewis is an English architect, settled in France (Bordeaux) since 1990. He worked successively with Jacques Hondelatte, Lacaton & Vassal, and Edouard François before founding Scape Architecture in Bordeaux in 2000. First Prize of the Sofia architecture biennale in 1997 he was selected in 2007 for the price Mies Van der Rohe. It has also a teaching activity in universities and schools of architecture in Barcelona, ​​London and Versailles.

Carin Smuts is an architect. Winner of the 2013 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, she operates in South Africa. Expert on urban crises, the term uses to describe her projects, "architecture of empowerment", has become an international formula.

Denis Mercier is university professor and teaches at the Sorbonne. Ability to conduct research, he is the laboratory director LETG-Nantes-Géolittomer. He works on deglaciation in the polar regions, and also studies the risk of coastal flooding on the Atlantic coast.

Agnès Sinai is a freelance journalist and author. Member of the editorial board of the magazine Entropia, she teaches at Sciences Po Paris where she initiated, in 2010, a course on decreasing.
François Garde, engineer Centrale, is University Professor and Director of Sustainable Construction department at the School of Engineering ESIROI. He is also "Project Manager, Sustainable Development and Energy Management" at the University of La Reunion